Frequently Asked Questions


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  1. How is the road to the hermitage and what type of car do I need?

Blue Jay Gulch (the dirt road to the cabin) is a mountain road. It is plowed during the winter, but remains a difficult road to drive.

In the summer because of the ruts we advise driving a high clearance car.

In the winter you may need 4-wheel drive, and snow tires or chains.

We recommend driving up in 1st gear and staying on the left side of the road as much as possible, to prevent getting stuck in the ruts/ditches on the mountain side of the road.

The road is one lane. If you meet a car on the road, the car coming down has the right of way, and the car coming up needs to back up.


  1. Is there wildlife at the hermitage?

The grounds are relatively safe, but there is wildlife present. One mountain lion was spotted once in the last ten years. One black bear has also been spotted. Coyotes, deer and small animals are more commonly seen.


We advise that you stay near the cabin for your safety. We ask that you refrain from walking the grounds at dusk or dawn. If you choose to leave the cabin, take along a walking stick with a bell.

To prevent wildlife from approaching the cabin please use common sense and follow typical cabin rules (ie. Don’t leave any food or garbage out, clean the BBQ grill after you use it, etc.)


  1. How can I benefit the most from my stay?

We understand that most retreatants can only spend a short time at the hermitage, 1 or 2 days. Our deepest hope for you is that you spend this time experiencing the presence of the Lord, receiving His blessings, peace and joy.

Here are some of our suggestions on how to benefit from your stay:

  1. Live the silence as much as possible.

  2. Avoid distractions (phone, computer, tablets, too many books… etc)

  3. Spend some time in the chapel.

  4. Read your Bible

If you only have 24 hours, schedule your time loosely.

Make time for prayer. It is good to start prayer with a grateful heart, bringing to mind all the blessings God has poured out in your life since your birth, until the present. This exercise in gratitude will deepen the certainty that He is here for you; that you are the apple of His eye; that He holds you in the palm of His hand, and will never let you down. It will also deepen your faith, your trust, and your desire to abandon yourself to His Love.

Bring your petitions to God. Not only pray for others, but also remember to pray for yourself.

Listen. God is a good listener, but He also gives good advice. Seek His guidance.

Be assured that the brothers and sisters in our Community know how precious this day is for you, and we are praying for you.


  1. Who is the Community of the Beatitudes, in charge of the place?

MLdosThe Catholic Community of the Beatitudes has cared for Jesus our Hope since January 2015. This is why you will often see brothers or sisters at the St. Clare cabin, just before the St. Francis cabin.

It is a joy and an honor for us to serve the Lord in this beautiful place, in communion with the Board of Directors, President Fr. Don Brownstein, Vice-President Deacon Robert Hoffman, and the parishes of Littleton. Check about us at : 


  1. Are both cabins available to non-Catholics?

The purpose of Jesus Our Hope hermitage and both cabins is to provide Christians, and all those seeking God with a sincere heart, a place to have one-on-one time with God, our creator. It is a place of prayer, and not a vacation place. Both cabin's have a chapel where the Blessed Sacrament, the sacramental body of Jesus, resides. This makes the cabins a deeply spiritual place. We ask all our guests to remember that they are in the presence of God.


  1. Is there food, or are meals offered?

Due to the presence of wildlife, we do not keep any food in the cabin. We ask that our guests bring their own food to eat and/or cook. Please don't leave or dispose of any food/garbage on the grounds, in the cabin or in the fridge. Upon ending the retreat, guests are asked to take with them their food/garbage.


  1. Are children allowed?

Because of the presence of wildlife and the purpose of silence, children are not allowed. If you see the necessity to bring cdhildren, please speak with us before reserving the cabin. As a rule, children of any age are not allowed for their own safety!


  1. Are pets allowed?

No. The presence of wildlife in the area and the purpose of silence make it unwise to bring pets, therefore no pets are allowed.