Offer the gift of a retreat

"And he said to them: Come away by yourselves to a lonely place,        

 and rest for a while." Mk 6:31a





Offer the gift of a retreat  -- Guidelines 


     You want to offer a Gift:

  •      You send your $100 check for One Day retreat to: 

    Jesus Our Hope  10519 South Deer Creek Road Littleton, Co 80127

        It is possible to give your priest or loved one more than 1 day (max. stay one week).  Gift of $100/day is requested. 

  • You can receive the GIFT Card 
  • or you ask us to send the GIFT card to your priest or loved one. 


     You have received a Gift Card:

  • The cabin will be reserved for a 24 hour period.  At the time of reservation, the check-in and check-out time will be stated.  
  • The cabin is to be used for retreat, prayer, and rest only. 
  • The cabin has a chapel with full sacristy, including everything needed to celebrate Mass.
  • Cabin access is by a dirt road requiring 4 wheel drive in the winter months.  If the priest does not have a suitable car, a non-winter date shall be chosen. 
  • See general guidelines to Jesus our Hope retreat house (bring your own food, etc.).

--In the case of a pastoral emergency, the priest can reschedule his cabin reservation once.  After that, the reservation is forfeit.


“We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness.”

St. Teresa of Calcutta