“Be Still And Know That I Am God”

Do you need a time in contemplative silence, in a beautiful cabin, you and God alone? Do you need time to rest from the world or find answers to deep questions or situations in your life?
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Jesus our Hope hermitages is the place for you.
It is nestled in Jefferson County, southwest of Denver metro, 40 minutes from downtown. At an elevation of 6,800 feet, these consecrated grounds are situated on 62 acres of rugged woodland dedicated to God. Jesus Our Hope hermitages named after St Clare and St Francis provide sanctuary not only for people of all faiths, but also for a wonderful selection of birds and wildlife.
St. Francis hermitage is spacious and supplied with a full kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament. It includes all the comforts of a home, without the distractions of TV and cell phones. In the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi, this cabin is surrounded by tall pines and aspens that allow one’s spirit to reach out to the heavens and be comforted by Our Lord. A prayer garden and chapel are just some of the quiet settings that will lead you to spiritual contemplation and meditation.
IMG 3939Most retreatants come to the hermitages for time alone; others come in groups for prayer, reflection and discernment. St. Francis cabin includes a meeting room for 20 people, making it an ideal location for one day retreats for church groups, parish staff, and small organizations that want to meet God in an uninterrupted setting. The cabin can also accommodate ten people overnight.
We added a second hermitage, smaller, the ground floor of St Clare cabin. Perfect for one person.
Silence and Contemplation
is the spirit of St. Francis Hermitage.
Whether you walk the trails, sit quietly in the gazebo or find a spot ye
tundiscovered, the solitude and beauty of nature is a constant reminder of the love God has for this earth, for each of us, and for you in particular. God will speak to you there and you will return to your daily life blessed and renewed.
A dream come true
 The dream of Father Roger was to provide a safe place, away from the distractions of day-to-day life, where people could find the peace that he knew God wanted for all His children. Beginning with the "Upper Land", Father Roger and his friends built poustinias (prayer huts).
In 1992, neighboring property was added to the hermitage grounds and Jesus Our Hope Hermitage began welcoming guests.
Francis House, which was acquired with the "Lower Land", became the primary retreat house, with the poustinias being used during the summer months. 

truck and jim and sis.25In 1997, fourty acres were added to the hermitage property, including the St. Clare cabin.

In 2002, the Brothers of St. John purchased the "Upper Land" and have worked diligently to complete the dome house that was started by Father Roger.

In 2015, Community of the Beatitudes  of Denver was entrusted the ministry of directing Jesus our Hope. They provide hospitality, Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Guidance to those coming to the Retreat Center. 


This ministry and its facilities are available to all of God's children regardless of denomination. In true ecumenism, we welcome all who come seeking a place of peace, a refuge for reflection and prayer.