Jesus Our Hope Retreat Center Guidelines:


St Clare and St Francis cabins are available year round and can be booked to individuals and/or groups looking to make a spiritual retreat(maximum 7 days).


St Francis includes four bedrooms (+ two pull-out couches), kitchen amenities, a living room, a sun room, a chapel, and meditation spots around the grounds.


St Clare cabin is three minutes walk from St Francis. Some retreatants prefer to be there when they are by themselves, than in the big St Francis cabin. It is a very simple-cosy space, the ground floor of a cabin. It is totally private and has its private entrance. It includes a spacious bedroom, a bathroom with toilet/shower, a little living space which serves as a lounge and a dining room with a little table, chairs, fridge and microwave. One of the walls is all in glass, you get to see the deer. It has a private Chapel.



Who is welcome?

--Any mature person over the age of 18, who is sincerely seeking God, is graciously received here. 

--Located in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, the beauty of these consecrated grounds inspire spiritual renewal for individuals to “be still and know that He is God.”

--Jesus our Hope is a holy place for rest, prayer, discernment, and reflection.   It is not a place for vacation or recreation (no parties, family reunions, etc.), nor may the facilities be used as hotel accommodations.


Making a Reservation (booked first come, first serve basis):

    1.  Request dates by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or phone (303) 697-7539. 


Include your name, contactinformation, # of guests, and purpose of stay (individual retreat, group day of reflection, etc.) 

            --The number of retreatants should be accurately reported (we have to report this information to the State).

     2.  Someone will get in touch with you to confirm availability, arrival and departure times

    3.  Submit your $75 non-refundable and non-exchangeable deposit (the cabin is reserved for you or your group for those dates)

    4. When you arrive for your retreat, try to arrive at your estimated arrival time.  Please notify us if it changes or if you’re running late.  We try to avoid going down the mountain when you are on the one-lane road coming up!

     5.  All retreatants (or group leader) must sign the waiver, leave a donation, and clean the cabin upon their departure.



food--You are responsible for bringing all food and drink required for your stay.

--St. Francis cabin has a fully equipped kitchen (stove, oven fridge, microwave, coffee machine)

--Water comes from a well and is safe to drink, but has a unique taste.  Many people prefer bringing their own supply of bottled water.

--Please bring home any perishable food and containers with you

--Trash must be carried out with you (there is no trash service there)


Respect for the place:

--Leave the house as clean (or cleaner) than when you arrived; there is a checklist to assist you.grotte

--Be mindful to conserve energy and water; turn off lights when not in use house and make sure no faucets are dripping

--Electronic equipment (radio, TV, etc.), weapons, and drugs/alcohol are not compatible with the purpose of these grounds and thus not allowed.

--While exploring the grounds, stay on roads, trails, and paths.  Our neighbors appreciate their privacy; please stay off their land (border just north of St. Francis cabin)



sisWalk--You are in bear and mountain lion country!  Carry a walking stick when outside and do not leave food outside.  Be vigilant, especially dusk until dawn. 

--Fire and wildfires are a constant danger in Colorado.  For this reason: smoking, candles (except in liturgy in the chapel only) and fires are prohibited.

--We recommend warm, comfortable clothing and good walking shoes or boots; sunscreen as needed.  Weather changes quickly in Colorado, so be prepared.


Thank you for following these guidelines! God bless you stay!